A Poem for Dads


You dear, old faithful daddies,
At last you have your day,
When we can prove our love for you,
And a debt try to repay.
Your years of silent working
That we may have the best;
Your sacrifice of wants and needs
To answer our requests.
Your graying hair and wrinkled brow,
Tells a story all its own,
For the aches you’ve had and silently kept –
And you alone have borne.
You’ve stood right side of mother,
All through the long, long years
And shared with her the burdens,
Her happiness and tears.
It mattered not how far away
Your children chanced to roam,
If failures came, our first thoughts were;
There’s Dad and Home Sweet Home.
So we are sure you are deserving
Of a special Father’s Day,
So our love can help enlighten you
Along the rocky way.


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