Our Story


The Wonderful Word Publishers was begun  in the mid 1960’s by Bro. Dick and Rose Cimino.  It was established in order to get the Word of God to the Spanish speaking people.

Bro. Dick was born in Italy and had polio as a young child.  Later his family came to America.  While on Ellis Island, immigration went around checking the people to see who would and who would not be admitted to the United States.  He walked over to  Bro. Dick and with a piece of chalk and placed an X on his shoulder.  His sister was holding him and thought the man was making fun of Bro. Dick because he was crippled.  She quickly wiped the X off and they all came to America.   That was the hand of God in Bro. Dick’s life.  Years later he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior and his life was never the same.  Shortly thereafter, he met Elloitt (who he later named Rose) Bell.

Mrs. Rose was raised in a home that worshiped spirits.  She was never drawn to that way of life.  When she was young, she asked if she could attend the church down the road.  Her parents let her walk to church and there she found the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior.  Later, she married her Sunday School teacher’s son and they later had a son of their own.  One day, her husband went to the phramacy to pick up some medicine and was shot and killed by a man attempting to rob the store.  Mrs. Rose was a young widow, with a small son to support.  She went to beauty school and became a hairdresser, but she had a longing to serve the Lord with all her life.  Soon she went to work with the Eberhearts Ministry, where she met Bro. Dick.

Bro. Dick and Mrs. Rose served the Lord in many ministries.  They served with Dr. Roberson,  Bro. J. Harold Smith and many others.  They had Vacation Bible Schools all over the nation.  They encouraged the children to memorize scriptures.  One young lady quoted 1,000 verses.   One young man got the best of Mrs. Rose (which few did).  He found out that there were serveral verse  in the Bible with more than one reference.  He would quote the verse and then give all the references.  She made sure that didn’t happen again!

After traveling the country for years without a home, having raised their children on the road, they came to Harlingen, Texas and began the “Wonderful Word Publishers Inc.”  They had a burden to get the gospel to the Spanish speaking people.  They purchased a printing press and printed thousands of tracts for the missionaries in Mexico.  They never charged for their tracts.  All were printed free of charge.  The work continued and then Bro. Dick went home to be with the Lord.  His son David and daughter in law Connie were working with them and continued to work with Mrs. Rose.   The work went on.  In 2001 God called David home.   Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Connie continued to send out the printed word.

Bro. Larry and Judy Connor, with the “Bread of Life Baptist Press”, have done all the printing for the Wonderful Word without charge, since Bro. David died.

The two ladies did not feel they could go to churches and keep the work before the people so they asked me, Bro. Jerry Brewster, if I would be the President of the work.  I count it a priviledge.  Bro. Dick had put out a monthly paper until his death.  My wife Gloria, felt the Lord had been asking her to write and we both began the monthly paper, “Tid Bits of Wisdom from the Wonderful Word.”  We began in December 2006 and God has supplied our every need each month.  We have a mailing list of over 1100 at this time and there is no charge for the paper.  Our hopes are that our missionaries will be able to get the paper through this web site, which will saved us over $3 a paper.  As soon as we get the web site up and running, we would like to receive your Bible questions and your comments.

Thank you for stopping by our place.