February is the month we think of love. This is the month that you recognize your sweethearts. We would like to say thank you to all the sweethearts who have supported Tid Bits through the years. Your faithfulness has made it possible to go forward. We would like to encourage others to join us with their support so we may be able to increase the monthly mailing. We are sending papers to our missionaries overseas, which cost much more than the States. Our missionaries need to hear from home, since they are so far from all their family and loved ones.We love being able to touch their lives while they serve their people.

Getting into the new office has gone slowly, but it is happening. We moved most of our books into the room this month (and we have more than we have shelves for)! We have the task of going through each book and entering it into the computer so we can organize the library. It was so moving, to pick up books and remember just what they had done for our lives, and many times we knew the author, which makes the book so much more precious to us. As we were moving the books, our son Steve, who was helping us, pointed to the Bible and said, “Everything that these books say can be found in that one book, the Bible.” How true! But Gloria said, “Yes, but all of these books are written about what they learned and gleamed from the Bible.” John says there is no end to the books that can be written. The written word can move and change lives. If writing truly is inspired of God, it should cause you to want to head right back to the Bible. We were talking to a man of God one day and asked why he had not written his autobiography. He had made many videos of other great lives, and his life was very interesting. He said, “No! I will not write about myself. I want to only glorify the Lord.” We said, “But God is writing a book about you (Mal.3:16, a book of remembrance for those that fear the Lord), and your life’s story is not about you, it is about what the Lord has done through you.” He had a shocked look on his face and said he had never thought about that.

Are you writing down what the Lord is doing through your life? You should. You will forget, and your children will never know unless you keep a record. I challenge you to write down the workings of the Lord in your life.

If you have something you could share with us, we would love to receive it and make a file for later papers. We would like to share some of the letters from our readers:
I just want to thank you for sending me your “Tid Bits.” I am ashamed that I have not written before. I especially enjoyed your article in the paper I just received, “The Aged Women.” I can certainly relate to it. You said that your mother got mad at your father about leaving his socks on the floor at the end of the bed. It sounded a lot like my husband, only his favorite place was leaving his clothes at the corner of the bathtub, when the closet was right next to it. I used to tell him that all he had to do was open the closet door and put them in there, but he was still doing it when he died. In fact, his clothes were piled by the tub when people were coming to the house the day he died. Margaret Harveston found them and moved them, bless her heart. If I had seen them, I would probably have “lost it”. Anyway, I decided long before that, that it wasn’t that important. Speaking of being aged, I was sitting on my daughter’s front porch one day and one of the neighbors passed by. She told Bill that she saw an elderly lady sitting in the swing – ha! I told him that I might be old, but I’m not elderly. I suppose the gray hair fooled her. Bobbie Alexandra.

I am from Harvest Baptist in Edinburg, and have met you there. Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful paper. It has been a real blessing. I like the fact that the paper is very “personal”. Connie collects the extra copies at the end of each month and gives them to me so we can send them to our students in the Bible Correspondence School. They really enjoy them, and it is so good to know we are getting so much spiritual content into prisons, etc. David & Elaine Shewfelt.

Thank you so much for the Tid Bits of Wisdom paper I sure look forward to reading it. Thank you also for praying for Glenda, she is doing so much better. You have been such an encouragement to me to read through the Bible this year and praise the Lord I finished and starting again this year. It has been such a blessing. Bobbie Mayhew.

Thanks for the Bible reading guide, I’m going to hang in there this year. Sandra Prather. I just want you to know how very much I enjoy the Tid Bits. I knew all of your people. So it’s special to me to hear about them. Pauline Collings.

\I just wanted to take a few moments to relive in the following paragraphs what a blessing you and your family have been to us. It is a blessing to get your publication, “Tid Bits of Wisdom” each month, and to respond to your survey. You mentioned in your last publication about reading through your Bible in a year and how you wanted folks who had read through the Bible this past year. So I am glad to send in my name. I have made it a practice of reading through the Bible every year for a number of years. I wanted to thank you for encouraging others to do so. You are from a family of encouragers. James Massey

Bro. James Massey is a pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Grand Saline, Texas. Both his grandparents and his wife’s grandparents served together with Gloria’s parents at the time of Gloria’s father’s death. We are a body; a family and friends in the service of the Lord. There is no greater treasure than to belong to the body of Christ.

Tell us what the Lord is doing in your life! You can e-mail us at

Please pray for Mrs. Judy Connor. She and Bro. Larry were visiting their son when Mrs. Judy fell over a toy and broke her leg. She had surgery and it will be a few weeks before she can walk on her leg.


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