United We Stand – Divided We Fall


God created man!  Lately, the Atheist placed an advertisement on a city bus which read, “In the beginning — Man created God”.  There is a large group of people today who believe and embrace atheism and evolution.  Many of the evolution people say they also believe in God.  If the Bible is the Word of God, and I believe it is, then you cannot believe both evolution and creation.  Evolution calls the God of the Bible a liar.  God said that He created this earth.  It could not have evolved and been created at the same time.

Our country was founded on the foundation that God was our Creator. He said He created man in His own image and in His likeness.  The coins we carry in our pockets say, “In God We Trust”, yet our school books say we believe in evolution.  The battle that is going on in our government today is between these two beliefs.  Those who contend that we are made in the image of God, contend for the laws of God and the morals of God, which means, there is a judgment of God to come.  Those who believe in evolution, contend that we have no one to answer to but ourselves and that we decide what is best for us, not God, and nothing happens after death.  The fight that is going on in our country today is over this question, “Who is our God?”   There are men in our country today who are attempting to remove our foundation.

How did we sleep through the introduction of evolution to our children and our country?  There were good men who fought against this, but after awhile we moved over and let it come into our country.  Christianity has always allowed man to choose his belief from his heart.  Christianity is the only religion that allows a man to differ and still treat that man with respect of life.  While allowing man to differ, we have made the mistake of allowing man to add other gods to our foundation.  We allowed evolution to be taught as a fact to our children, even though we did not believe it. While God allows individual choice, He does not allow His Word or His laws to be changed.  Man has the liberty to believe that he can kill, but he does not have the liberty to kill without facing the judgment of God and the God ordained authority of his country.  God judges His people and God says, “Thou shalt not kill.”   Only God and His God ordained authority has the right to take life and to exercise vengeance on those who break the law.

We have been deceived into believing that a man has the right to practice his beliefs, even if they are contrary to God’s law.  There was a time in America, when it was known and believed, that murder was against God and our country.  Today, we  daily  kill our  babies by the  thousands,  we  kill  our  parents, our  children  and  whoever gets in our way, expecting that we will not have to pay for our actions.  Why do we do this?  Because, we are serving the creation and have stopped serving the Creator!!!  Lest you  think it is just the world and not the church that has departed from the laws of God, take a close look at how many divorces we have in the body of Christ.  God said He “Hates Divorce”, but that hasn’t stopped us.  Divorce happens and there are many victims of divorce.  I am not talking to the victims.  I am speaking to those who hardened their hearts against their vows and commitments to God and to their mates.  Did it not bother you that God hated what you had chosen to do.  I have chosen to use divorce as an example of our hardness of heart today, because it is the most evident action that shows the body of Christ has departed from walking daily in the love of God.  I could have used lying.  Many of God’s people make debts without any intention of repaying them.  I am not talking about the person who loses his job and cannot pay his bills.  I am talking about the person who does not intend to pay his bills.  I could have used bitterness because many Christians live with bitterness that they refuse to deal with.  God commands us not to live with bitterness, and when we do, we are refusing to walk in the ways of God.  I could have used the forsaking of ourselves together!  Many of God’s people have forsaken the house of God and refuse to work with the body of Christ, to do the work of Christ.  How often have I heard, “I can serve God by myself.”  Yes, you can, but what about your brothers  and your sisters in Christ who need you.  That’s a selfish Christianity.  The church went to sleep a long time ago and Satan got busy right away.  Did we sleep too long?

Ladies and gentlemen, America is in trouble!  You can drive across America today and see temples and churches built to other gods.  When our government meets today, you may hear a Muslim, Buddhist or any other religious person opening with a prayer to their god.  America’s God is not like the god’s of the other countries.  Our God will not share His reign with any other god!!!  We serve a jealous God!  Our President said from his own lips, “American is no longer a Christian nation, but a nation of many gods.”  He is right.  That is how America is living.  God has spoken to us through the lips of a president, who really does not know the God of America.  Our President has also spoken these words, “Jesus is not the only way to heaven.”  God is trying to tell us what the problem is in America and He is doing it through the president He has allowed us to have.  God uses authority to correct His people.  The very words of our president  make  clear what is wrong with our country.  Our President is standing with America’s enemies.  We need to pray for him to understand that America has been dedicated to the God of Creation and that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.  Pray for our president’s eyes to be opened.  We are a divided country, and divided we fall.

America was founded and designed to give religious freedom.  It is separation of church and state, but it is not separation of God and country.  The churches teach men doctrines which can differ from church to church, but the government, which is the people, is to rule by the laws of God which are not to be altered.  The laws of God can be kept by all religions without doing damage to any person.  None of God’s laws are against the good of mankind.  Everyone is safe within the laws of God.  Everyone is treated equally under the laws of God.  God’s laws do not hurt anyone who is doing good.  God’s laws only rule against evil (destruction of man and earth).  Any man who would stand against the laws of God is either ignorant or evil.  God’s laws only work for good in our lives.  We can and must stand up and push for our country to declare that we still want the God of Creation to be our foundation in America. We can stand with a confidence that we are not doing evil to anyone in our country.  We need to declare that anyone can come to America and share the blessings of America with us, if they are willing to live by God’s laws!  Those who are not willing to live by the laws of our God are not welcome and are the enemies of our God and our United States of America.  We must declare who we are before we can identify our enemies.

Everyone who believes in the God of Creation should take
a good look at their own life and determine if they are building their lives on the rock or the sand.  We cannot bring our country back to its foundation, if we, the people are not building our families on the same foundation by which we want our government to run.  If we were practicing what we say we believe, then the country would not feel so free to “change” our America.

We all should live our lives like Zacharias and Elisabeth.

There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judaea, a certain priest named Zacharias , of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth.

And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.

Luke 1:5-6

We should strive for this kind of a testimony.  Where is the best place for our Christianity to show the brightest?  The family!  Let us rebuild our homes to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14


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