This season is a time of gathering in the harvest and giving thanks to the Lord who gives us our daily bread.  As Paul said, “I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” (Phil 4:11)  To be content with what the Lord places in our hands, is to know how to praise God in all circumstances.  We would like to say that we are so blessed with the way the Lord has provided for this work.  We are thankful for the hearts He has turned toward this work.

We have those faithful monthly supporters that make it possible to mail out the paper each month.  Then we have those supporters, who from time to time, are touched to share with us and take up the slack for those added expenses that come each month.  When we have a need, God seems to provide ahead of time and it usually arrives here just in time!  We added one monthly supporter this month and we thank the Lord for that person.

We are blessed to have the office built and nearing completion on the inside.  It will take some time to establish the books and paper work in the office but it is a joy to begin.  We had to spend more than we expected and do not have the money left for the equipment we desired, but we believe God will supply that when the time comes and we thank Him that we had the money to do what was needed.

We have had MUCH rain!  As a matter of fact, we are one big mud ball!  This has slowed us down and put us about three weeks behind what we planned.  BUT, God’s timing is perfect and this is were we practice ‘waiting’ upon Him.

Next month we send out the schedules for reading through the Bible in one year.  If you did not join us this year, PLEASE join us this coming year.  If you did not complete the Bible, do not stop until it is finished.  You will be so glad to accomplish reading every Word in your Bible.

We would like to say, “Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.”  Enjoy the family and friends that the Lord has placed in your lives.

If you desire to contact us, our addresses are on the back page of the paper.  We also have a web site at

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