Tid Bits Builds Office In Barn


Last month we took a leap of faith!  The first of this year a dear friend shared a gift with Tid Bits of Wisdom which was enough to build an office for Tid Bits.  It will house a library for all the books collected over the past 49 years, records, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s, pictures, plus Gloria’s handcrafts (many that Mrs. Rose gave her) and her sewing machine.  Also, it will house Gloria’s sister’s geneology work, which she worked on for many years.  We have needed a work room for a long time.  Tid Bits is two months away from it’s third anniversary.  God has been very good to encourage us in this work.

Bro. Steve and John Lindsey are building the room.  John’s wife (who is expecting soon) and his son Aaron came out one day and helped.  No one is too young to do God’s work!  He wanted to do his part.

This room is built inside of a four stall barn!  Jerry said, “We are making a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.”  From the outside you would never know the room was there.  This is to help keep dishonest people from knowing it is there and being tempted to break in.  The Lindseys have charged half price for their work.   The room is a 21 by 22 inch slab, with a nice bathroom and large closet.  There will be bookshelves built in the walls.  Our son, Steve, gave all the lumber for the shelves.  He also gave a beautiful world map to decorate the room with.  We have bought the flooring for the bathroom, we have bought the sink and cabinet, plus lights for the bathroom, ceiling fans and a heater/air conditioner.  A plumbing company had graciously donated a beautiful tub/shower and a new commode.  As of today we are ready to have the final paint applied and carpet installed, and then move our office equipment into place.

Every thing we attempt for the Lord has battlegrounds.  After we had the room almost finished we had a terrible rain (16 inches),  which revealed leaks and made us realize we had to have a new roof on the barn.  That was $2,500 that was not expected.  We didn’t know whether to cry or shout.  Had it not rained that hard, we would not have known there was a problem with the roof and likely would have had great damage to the room at a later date.  God’s timing is awesome.  The carpet and accesories are also added expenses.  There is a need for one piece of furniture which will cost $500.  But we know that what the Lord has begun, He will finish.  The last three years we have worked out of our house, which is very small.  It will be a relief to have a place for everything.

As we move forward, we will share with you our needs, but please understand that unless the Lord moves upon your heart to share with this work, to not worry about these needs.  The paper is free!!!  Most of you did not ask for it and we are thankful you have been willing to let us share it with you.  We are confident that God will make hearts willing to help as He see fit.  We want to encourage one another in every way possible, because these days, and I believe the days ahead of us, are going to be trying.  We must stay in the Word of God and seek His face for wisdom and strength.  Ladies and gentlemen, these are the last days!  If Paul and the others were looking for the return of Christ before they died, how much more are we living in the last days.

Hopefully we will have a picture of the finished room soon.  It will take weeks to place all of the books and office equipment into place.  Please pray for us as we work.

—Jerry and Gloria Brewster

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