Galilean Baptist Church has just finished a revival and during the revival we were challenged by Dr. Sumner Wemp to rehearse what God has done for us with our family and friends.  We were challenged to praise the Lord for His marvellous works in our lives.  May I ask you, “What has the Lord done for you lately?”  Did you tell anyone?”

Growing up in a preachers home, the thing I enjoyed the most, was when other preachers would come to our house and they and my dad would tell all the things that God was doing for them.  My sister and I would sit for hours at their feet listening to miraculous stories.

I was excited when the Lord put my husband in the pastorate, thinking I would be around other preachers and would hear amazing stories about the work of God in their lives.  I came home from the first preachers meeting very discouraged.  They talked about the golf games, the Dallas Cowboys and many other things, but they seemed to be wanting to put aside ministry and just  have a good  time!   Ministry  had become a burden to many of them. Ministry had become hard work instead of excitement.  Why?  What has changed over the years?

Jesus said in Luke 18:8, “When I come shall I find faith on the earth?” Unless we are living by faith, the journey is very burdensome.  Faith is an adventure!!!  Life never gets dull when you live by faith.  NEVER!  “The just shall live by faith.”

My dad always took churches that could not pay us a salary.  Dad would drive around town and look for houses that needed a new roof.  He would roof houses from around 6:00am to noon, and then, after lunch, he would visit and build the church.  Just about the time they were able to pay us a salary, Dad would turn the church over to another preacher and we would take the next challenge.  When I married at 16 years of age, I had already moved 26 times!  We never had a home place, but we had stories that would make you want to shout and tell the world that our God can do anything!!!  My life was a little unsettling at times, but never boring.

Long before God called my husband to preach, we set out to learn how to live by faith.  When we put our faith in front of everything we do, we are filled with interesting stories of how God works in our lives and in the lives of men.

What could you share with your family this thanksgiving about what God has done for you?  Stick your neck out and live by faith.  You will have more stories than you will have time to talk about and others will want to serve this Mighty God that we talk about.

I don’t know about you, but when Christ returns, if I am here, I want Him to find me living by faith.  Write us and tell us what God has done for you.

—Gloria Brewster

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