imageUp to its neck in water,

And boiling water, too,

Yet the kettle keeps on singing –

That’s what we ought to do;

Next time we’re in some trouble,

Almost up to the chin,

We’ll think of the singing kettle,

And a little song begin.


“It helps, when feelings are boiling,

To let off lots of steam,

By whistling and singing with courage,

Things aren’t as dark as they seem.

Kettle, you merry creature,

Scorched by the callous fire,

Teach us your power of molding

Your moods as the days require.”


“Up to your neck in troubles?

They haven’t swept over your head;

Sing like the steaming kettle,

Till all your troubles have fled.

Singing will sound so pleasant

To any who may hear;

The kettle does not but his duty –

But doesn’t his singing cheer?”

~Author Unknown

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