The word marvel and its derivatives is one I don’t hear very often these days.  I came across it several times the other day as I was reading and thought about its meaning.  Right away the word meant to me that if I marveled about something, it would be way above a normal feeling.  The dictionary says it means “the feeling of wonder, to be affected with wonder, as at something surprising or extraordinary.”  I thought, “What are some things that are marvelous to me?”

The love of God and His saving grace came to mind.  The birth of a baby, a beautiful sunset, a lovely flower, a picturesque scenery, the power and beauty of the ocean and I could go on and on.  Every time I go home to Tennessee I wonder, or marvel, at the tall oaks and maples and the beauty of the mountains.  I can’t get enough of their beauty and the color of life (green).  (If you lived in deep south Texas you would understand.  There is nothing but flat dry land, with scrub bushes and scrawling mesquite trees.  The tallest and skinniest tree is a palm, which provides a home to many nasty bugs.  Neither can compare to the beauty of the massive oaks and maples.)

So, why am I writing about a word?  I was reading the passage in Matthew 8:10, “When Jesus heard it, He marvelled and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no not in Israel.”  I continued to read and found the disciples marveled at Jesus and then in the next chapter multitudes marveled at His works.  What an exciting and glorifying time it must have been!

Then I picked up my devotional book on the Psalms and read the writing for that day in Psalm 78.  There was that word again in verse 12.  “Marvellous things did He in the sight of their fathers, in the land of Egypt, in the field of Zoan.”  As you continue to read the psalm you find this was a recounting of a period of time when God did such great things for the children of Israel, yet they continually turned their back on Him.

I asked myself, “Is it possible in this day and age that the Lord would marvel in His children today as He did in the Matthew account of the centurion’s faith?”  He only asked the Lord to speak the words and his servant would be healed.  There was no need for the Lord to go to his home.  Then Jesus marveled at his faith.  We can easily be in amazement and wonder of the Lord because we have His Word to read.  Are we close enough to the Lord to marvel in His blessings.  Can we recognize them throughout our daily life?  He does send blessings in small packages as well as large packages, but we don’t always acknowledge them by giving Him the glory.  Can we live our lives so that He would be marveled at our faith and our desire to live in obedience to Him?  May we commit ourselves anew to honor and glorify Him with a clean and pure life.  Also, with an abundance of faith to trust him no matter what the circumstance.

Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth ‘wondrous’ things.” Psalm 72:18.  This verse became a part of my life early in my adulthood and I’ve quoted it to myself in sad and glad times, in trials and in triumphs.  Let us remember to praise Him in all that He does in our lives and marvel in our Lord.  Perhaps at some point He may marvel in us.

…Connie Cimino

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