TID BITS OF WISDOM – July Monthly Update

This has been a month of mixed emotions. We were sad to see Mrs. Rose go home to be with the Lord and at the same time, we rejoiced because she was longing to go home. It was hard to see her linger, but those days gave her and her son some good time together. The heart of Wonderful Word Publishers goes on in our hearts. Bro. Dick and Mrs. Rose loved the Word of God and longed to see people know and understand the Wonderful Word. We, who are a part of the Wonderful Word, are committed to keeping the Word of God before the people. The Lord holds His Word above His names. We live in a day when everything in the Christian life is under attack. This present generation does not believe in the inspiration of the Scriptures. They see it as a good book with some truths in it. We must declare the Bible to be the Holy Inspired Word of God. The Bible represents the heart and mind of God. It instructs us to live holy, as our God is holy. We do not have time to study, dissect, or explain translations outside the King James. The KVJ’s is not broken and doesn’t need to be justified. It works and if you have a fifth grade education you will be able to read and understand it, if the Holy Spirit lives within you. We, at the Wonderful Word ministry, would be classified as old fashioned, but hopefully, not stick in the muds. We are not immovable when it comes to customs, but are immovable when it comes to principles. “Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths , where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” (Jer 6:16) We have found that rest in the old principles of God’s Holy Word. Are you living in rest today?

At the first of the year, Tid Bits of Wisdom was given a generous gift to acquire equipment or whatever the need was. We are working out of our house at this time and do not have space enough to properly set up the office. We are considering building a office next to the house. We need equipment, plus the building. We have most of what we need, but may not have all that we will need. We will only do what God supplies. Would you pray for us to have wisdom in what we do and how we spend this money that God has provided? If the Lord touches your heart to help, we would be very grateful.

Our monthly support is very close to what it costs to mail the paper. Building would increase our expenses. We are asking the Lord to increase our monthly support. We are thinking of ways to produce the paper the most reason- able way possible. Many of our missionaries have e-mail and we are going to try to send their papers through the internet. Our web site is (the W stands for Wisdom, Wonderful Word). Our e-mail address is This is a bit confusing and we hope it will be clear to you. We are putting the paper on our web site each month and you can print it out if you need copies. Matthew Guay is helping us with this work.

We have lost some great friends these past two weeks. Not only Mrs. Rose, but Evangelist Bro. Joe Boyd and Evangelist Bro. Carl Hatch also went home to be with the Lord. We must stand up and take the place of those that have gone before us. We also have a cloud of witnesses watching to see what we do with our generation! May the Lord bless you as you serve Him.

….Jerry and Gloria Brewster

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