Speaking of kids growing up, we have watched Matthew Guay grow into a find young Christian man. The Guay family have been home on furlough this year and we have enjoyed them so much. Their love for the work of God (wherever they are) is so refreshing. The Guay’s can certainly be called a ‘missionary family’ because each
and everyone of the family take part in the ministry God has called them to.

Matthew had planned to stay behind when his family returned to Thailand. He was going to get a degree in engineering in order to make a good living and support his mother and father on the mission field. Matthew has watched the Lord supply every need through the years through other Christians and he wanted to be one of those who helped with the needs. But God had another plan. The thought of leaving Thailand began to burden him. He loved the people and the work and he knew he had to make a decision. At a mission conference, Matthew surrendered to God’s call upon his life to work in Thailand with his family. He will be working on an education through the internet.

Tid Bits of Wisdom is committing to support Matthew $25 monthly. Matthew is working with us on our website and our computer needs. He is very knowledgeable
with the computer and is a big help to us anytime we need him. He donates his time to the work and we felt the Lord would have us support him as long as the Lord provides.

Please pray for Matthew as he follows the Lord’s leading.

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