Indian Creek Cemetery’s Dinner on the Grounds


Many cemeteries will have their memorial service this month. Indian Creek Cemetery was built in the early 1800’s by the families of those who attend this memorial day service. My great grandfather carried the lumber in his wagon to build this church. My great grandfather was a deacon. Both of my grandfathers, my father, my husband and my son have preached at this church. I have played the piano for this service for many years. The church kept very good records of the attendance and giving through the years. Also, any trouble that took place. It wasn’t easy to join or move your membership. They told everything they knew about you when you requested your letter. We should still be doing that! It puts the fear of God in you! Most of my family were saved in this church. Our families are buried beside this church. Mother attended this meeting last year and a month and a half later we buried her here. My parents are not in this cemetery; they are in heaven. Only their dead bodies lie in the grave waiting for the shout of the Lord and the change that God has promised.

This is the month to remember the past. Don’t live in the past, but don’t forget to be thankful for those who invested in your life. We look back to see what the Lord has brought us through and the wonderful things He has taught us and the miracles He has worked in our lives. Stop and remember your blessings. Then, ask yourself what you are leaving for those you love. What kind of memories will you leave?

A good man sheweth favour, and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion. Surely he shall not be moved for ever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance . Ps 112:5-6

My family moved from Tennessee to North Texas, as did Gene Autry’s family and many others. My grandmother lived very close to Gene Autry and could hear him playing and singing from his porch. Gene’s mother is buried here and many of the family are still a big part of the cemetery. I do not remember all the names, but there were many named Coxes, Autrys, Gordons, Becks, etc. It is amazing that the children are still coming, even though many have no memory of the past. We meet the Saturday before the first Sunday in May and have a preaching service and business meeting. A tradition that makes us stop and consider if we are continuing in the things we have been taught to do.

Do you have loved ones who made a difference in your life? Take time to give thanks!

—Gloria Brewster



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